itmCAD CAD-Generator

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Computer-aided design independent of a specific CAD system

The it-motive CAD-Generator allows to provide CAD data and dimension drawings of your products simply, quickly and reliably.

The it-motive CAD-Generator is based on a neutral CAD kernel and thus independent of a specific CAD system. This CAD kernel provides all relevant CAD features for model design, import, export or manipulation.

Using the itmCAD adapters for the ProENGINEER or Creo or even NX CAD systems allows to generate and export additional native CAD models in various formats.

CAD formats supported by the it-motive CAD-Generator:

  • STEP
  • SAT
  • IGES
  • Parasolid
  • CATIA V4 and V5
  • VDA

This makes them ideal for winning over all users of these CAD systems:

  • AutoCAD
  • Catia
  • Ideas
  • Inventor
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • SolidWorks
  • NX

Advantages of the it-motive CAD-Generator

  • based on a neutral kernel, thus independent of any specific CAD system
  • all relevant CAD features (model design, import and export, manipulation) available
  • no external formats required: design know-how remains in the company
  • maintenance and creation of model data on company-own systems
  • 2D drawing generator
  • dimension drawing generator
  • PDF-3D
  • no double data storage
  • quick CAD generation