Software itmINKAS

3D Produktkonfigurator für die SAP Variantenkonfiguration von it-motive

CPQ Processes & Variant Configuration Designed Intuitively to Configure Multi-Variant Products and Systems

The INKAS® product configurator accelerates offer processes in the company with multi-variant products. It is an integral part in variant management and simplifies the work of product managers, sales and marketing employees.

The INKAS® product configurator enables all user groups to configure multi-variant products in a highly individual, quick and simple manner. This increases sales while reducing the expenditure for offer preparation and all follow-up processes, e.g. manufacture.

Customers receive their offers faster and benefit from an improved web presentation, e.g. by the amazing 3D variant visualisation!

Quick efficiency enhancement in the engineer-to-order process

Just one mouse click and the technical information, e.g. dimension sheets, CAD drawings, circuit diagrams, item lists, etc. are delivered immediately.

The INKAS® product configurator demonstrates product efficiency enhancement, e.g. with the

Project Specification Tool (PST), which is used to optimise the engineering-to-order process for systems/installations.

Advantages of our product configurator software for variant configuration

  • quicker preparation of offers
  • quicker user response to customer enquiries
  • automatic generation of 3D models
  • acceleration of business processes
  • intuitive operability
  • coverage of the overall process from pre-selection to the finished product description
  • dimension sheets, CAD drawings, circuit diagrams, item lists at the push of button
  • seamless integration with NX, Pro/E, Windchill product data management platforms
  • improved web presentation
  • high performance and thus also suitable for sophisticated and highly multi-variant products
  • cost-saving
  • additional features such as graphic assembly, PDF with 3D views, techn. design or even entries
  • short lead times
  • options logic, etc. available
  • possibility of standardised data basis position in the SAP system
  • seamless export of the products models in the SAP ERP and integration of technical rules
  • 100% SAP integration