A partner to meet all needs

Corporate growth, competitive pressure, cost saving or globalisation require a constantly increasing level of efficiency in business processes. Process-integrated systems produce data, which need to be chanelled and made interpretable.

To achieve this, you benefit from support by a reliable partner, with experience in optimisation and harmonisation of SAP business processes.

The it-motive AG has successfully been operating in IT consultancy throughout Europe for more than 17 years. With our consultants and solutions we provide support for our clients to efficiently configure processes and data, and to prepare them for evaluation. In doing so we focus on the automation and evaluation of business processes. All it-motive consultants have expertise in industry at their disposal.

The liaison between our SAP- and eBusiness-competence is one of our unique features at it-motive AG. For small and medium-sized businesses, as well as international concerns, we regularly demonstrate our proficiency in various functions.

SAP R/3 one-stop solutions

Being specialised in the field of SAP, we support businesses in introducing SAP R/3, SAP Hana, in the area of business intelligence, ERP and APO, as well as in process optimisations and web-based logistics applications.

A multiplicity of templates and methods are available for our consultants to support the accelerated implementation of requirements.

eBusiness with seamless SAP-Integration

Our sector eBusiness offers extremely powerful and comprehensive solutions for all applications in the areas: eSales, eLogistics and eProcurement.

B2B-Integration solutions and mobile applications complement our portfolio.

Our logistic expertise, coupled with knowledge of diverse technology platforms (Netweaver, J2EE or .Net), is the basis for best-practice-solutions along the entire logistic value chain.

The distinguished attribute of it-motive solutions is the seamless integration into all SAP applications.

Product solutions

Based on our experience in multifaceted projects we have developed products, which can be purposefully and seamlessly integrated in business processes.